Temple History

Arulmigu Prasanna Varadaraja Perumal Temple is located in Shoolagiri in Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu. This temple is an ancient and a reputed Vishnu temple. The temple is present at the basement of the Shoolagiri hill itself. Arjuna consecrated this temple during the exile period in Mahabharata time. This temple has been expanded further by many kings over a period of time.The Garbha graha of this temple was built by Chola kings. The front hall (mantapam) was constructed by Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagara empire. Later, Hoysala kings, Palayakarars and Vijayanagara empire’s small kings expanded this temple gradually and worshiped. This temple is referred to as ‘Dakshina Vaikuntam Hasthashyla Sree Kshethram’ (Vaikunatam of the South).

In Dwapar Yuga, when Pancha Pandavas lost in the gambling to Duryodhana, they were condemned to exile in the forest, as per the terms of the gambling. During the exile period, pancha pandavas went to many places and came to Shoolagiri as well. In Shoolagiri, Arjuna consecrated Varadaraja Perumal and worshipped Him. As a mark of the arrival of Pancha Pandavas to this place, there are 5 big rocks together in the Shoolagiri hill. As the Shoolagiri hill resembles trident (Shoolam in Tamil), this place got the name as ‘Shoolagiri’ over the period of time.

Ramanujar and Nammalvar have visited this temple. The statues of Ramanujar and Nammalvar are also present in this temple.